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Frequently Asked on Cruises

1. Will I need a passport?
US Citizens

  • Federal, state government issued picture ID plus
  • Passport or
  • Birth certificate (original or certified copy)

    Non-US Citizens

  • Passport and
  • Alien Registration Card (green card)
  • Visa (when necessary based on country of origin)

    Children under 16 are not required to have a photo ID.

    2. Are all cruises the same?
    No. Cruises are designed to suit a variety of interest and preference. Choices are based on destination, ship design and themes. There are boutique to large contemporary and mega ships, with a variety with sports, recreation, music and event themes.

    3. I want to book a special event cruise!
    On occasions, a private organization or group pre-books a complete ship on a specific date for a very special theme. Often times, making a reservation for a special event is handled directly through the event organizers or a designated travel agency depending on the event.

    4. What is the average passenger count on a cruise ship?
    Most of today’s vessels median passenger count is 2200.

    5. Can I get married on a cruise?
    Yes. United States Maritime laws permits the captain to perform marriages on the sea.
    There are special packages offered on most cruises.

    6. I want to celebrate a special occasion!
    Cruise companies welcome your special celebrations. Most cruise lines will treat you to a complimentary cake and chorus. Additional amenities such as flowers, champagne, balloons or even a private party can be arranged to enhance your celebration with advance notice.

    7. How should I choose the number of days?
    If you are a first time cruiser, then it is recommended that you begin with 3-4 days to test the waters.

    8. What types of activities are there on board?
    Don’t worry about becoming bored. Most ships have swimming pool, jogging trail, library, wine tasting, aerobics, theatre, casinos, nightclubs, spa, sports bar, live music, gift shops, art museum, skeet shooting and some have driving range for golfers.

    9. Is there anything to keep children entertained for the duration?
    Most companies offer special activities several times a day for children, including supervised activities according to age. Activity leaders are trained youth counselors
    who will help keep children safe and entertained.

    10. Are there any additional fees?
    When purchasing your cruise, it will include port charges and taxes, however it does not include alcoholic beverages, trips in port and tipping. Keep in mind, it is a good idea to have plenty of extra money on hand for additional activities. You can get great buys in the small colorful craft shops and stores in various port destinations, plus it is good for the local economy.

    11. What type of clothes should I bring?
    Bring comfortable and casual wear as well as a after 5 formal attire for dinning. Cruising is normally casual during the day and fancy and fun in the evening.

    12. How do I pick a mealtime?
    You must select a meal time preference (1st or 2nd), for your daily dining hour. 1st dining is strongly suggested for seniors and persons accommodating children. Adults traveling without children, couples, singles, honeymooners should reserve second.

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