There is nothing like friendship. CEO/Owner of Caribbean Sonja, shares a hug with Hotelier and friend Peter Frazier at one of his many celebrity parties. June, 2001

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Whoever said that Hoteliers can't sing? Mr. Frazier joins the gang in singing one of the christmas carols at a christmas party. 2001. Listen to the song they song

You just have to love it! Peter Frazier and Shirley Stangamyer dancing the night away. taking it easy at home 2002

The wine kept coming and they just kept on having fun. Mr. Frazier having a memorable moment with Sonja CEO/Owner Caribbean and Randolph also of Caribbean These guys seem to be having a ball!. 2002

John & Gudrun
Hanging with Dr. David Lambert at the Sandals Dun's River hotel. Jan, 2003

Hanging with LaDarrion Steinlback at the Sandals Dun's River hotel. Jan, 2003

Bibi, Bugs and Trace. Ocho Rios grand-sons chilling out. Dec, 2002

Bugs cooling out at home with his friend and rasta teacher Tiger. Dec, 2002


Dr. David Lambert and LaDarrion Steinlback long time friends hanging out at the
Sandals Dun's River hotel. Jan, 2003