Anguilla - Climate: Hot-arid Environment: Big Spring Natl Park, San dunes Sea Turtles, Iguanas, home to 500 botanical plants and over 126 bird species Culture: Rock carvings - Fountain Cavern. Landscaped with sand dunes and mountains.

Antigua /Barbuda  - Government: Independent state within British Commonwealth since 1981 Size: 14x11 mi: 108 sq MI - largest British Leeward Isle Capital St. John Currency: EC Population: 68,000- Climate: 79 Universities: Antigua State College University of WI Environment: Frigate Bird, Boggy Peak 1319ft Culture: St. John Cathedral. Barbuda Size: 68sq mi. 3 hr sail from Antigua or 20 min flight.

Aruba - Government: Eng. Dutch Size: 193 sq km '75 sq MI and 30 km '19 MI long and 8 km '5 MI wide, westernmost islands Capital: Oranjestad Population: 85,500 Language: English, Dutch and Papiamento Climate: 17 in annual rainfall Environment: Arikok Natl Park, Bushiribana Ruins Culture: Archaeological Museum, Casinos, duty free.

Bahamas - Government: Commonwealth , independent 1973 with queen head; Size: 700+ islands over 100K miles archipelago of thousands of islands Population: 289,000 Nassau - Capital: Grand Bahama - Freeport, Lucaya Currency: Bahamian $; Universities: College of the Bahamas, Uni. Of W I Climate: 77 Environment: Mini Rain Forrest, Reefs home to lobster, sharks and dolphins, indigenous orchids, birds, parrots and iguanas  botanical gardens Culture: English, French, African, Arawak and Lucayan, Religion: Catholic, Luthern, Obeah practice

Barbados - Government: Independence 1966 Population: 80000 Capital: Bridgetown Universities: Barbados CC Uni.of WI Econony: Manufacturing, tourism Culture: Crop Over Festival

Belize - Government: Independence 1981 Capital: Belmopan Currency: BZ $ Population: 200000 Language: English, Spanish, Garufina Climate: 79 Environment: Barier Reef 185 miles, home to several fish, marine animals, and birds, dense tropical forest

Bonaire Government: Dutch Caribbean Size: 112 sq. mi. Population: 11,000 Economy: Salt Mining Climate: Dry Environment: Coastal reefs, flamingoes

British Virgin Island - Government: British Colony Size: 36 Islands, 16 inhabited 59sq MI, Tortola, Virgin Gorda, 153 sq MI Population: 20,000 Environment: Botanical Gardens, Mount Sage 1716ft; V.G. Little Fort National Park, Copper mine and natural baths.

Cayman IslandsGovernment: British territory Capital: Georgetown Population: 37,000, the largest being Grand Cayman with a population about 30,000. Economy: Tourism, stock market opened 1997 Environment: Turtle Farm, the Cayman wall or many of the natural wonders surrounding.

Cuba - Government: Communist. Size: 42,803 sq mi. Cuba consist of flat lands, rolling hills, mountainous in the southeast and smaller islands and inlets surrounding. Capital: Havana many resorts and live with culture and music. Population: 11million. Language: Spanish Religion: Christianity, Santeria Economy: Sugar, petroleum, tobacco.

Curacao - Located 12 miles north of the equator, the terrain is low and humidity average. Climate: 82 degrees. Population: 150,000. Language: Dutch. Environment: 60 meters of natural coral reefs, sea turtles, iguana (which is a local delicacy) and flamingos.

DominicaGovernment: Commonwealth. Size: 289.5 sq. mi. Capital: Roseau. Population: 72,000. Language: English and French Religion. Catholic, Protestant. Economy: Banana export, tourism

Dominican Republic - Size:The island borders Haiti to the west, measuring 48,730 sq. mi. Dominica Republic has a terrain of mountains and rugged highlands extending to the highest point of 3,175 ft at Pico Duarte. Population: 8,581

Grenada - Government: Formerly British Commonwealth, independence 1974. Capital: St. George. Population: 93000 Size: 133 sq. mi. Environment: Grand Etang Forest Reserve Mt. Qua Qua 2370, Levera Nat Park 450 acre Mount St. Catherine 2750 Spices: Nutmeg, cocoa, cinnamon, cloves. Greneda , sister islands Caricou and Petit Martinique host pristine beaches and beautiful rainforest, cascading waterfalls and rivers.

Guadeloupe - archipelago of nine inhabited islands Government: French territory Currency: FRF. Size: 1,706 sq. mi. Capital: Basse-Terre. Population: 431,170. University: University des Antilles de la Guyane

HaitiGovernment: Republic. Capital: Port-au-Prince. Size: 10,714 sq.mi., shared with Dominica Republic, Haiti occupies one third of the island on the west. Population: 7 million. Language: French and Creole. Religion: Roman Catholic, Protestant, Voodoo is practiced. Economy: Agriculture

JamaicaGovernment: Independence in 1962. Capital: Kingston. Population: over 2,680,000. Currency: JA$. Size: 235 km (146 mi) by width 80 km (50 mi) 3rd largest island of the Greater Antilles. Climate: average 26.7° C (80° F). Environment: Blue Mountain, Dunes River Falls, Rio Grande, YS Falls; natural resources gypsum, lead, and salt. Economy: Tourism, bauxite.

MartiniqueGovernment: French. Size: 425 sq. mi. Population: 395,000. Language: French, Creole. Religion: Roman Catholic. Currency: FRF. Economy: Sugar Cane, Rum, Pineapple. Environment: mountains, active volcano Pelée

MontserratGovernment: British territory. Size: 40 sq. mi. Capital: Plymouth. Population: 4,000. Language: English. Currency: EC$. Environment: Rugged terrain, mountains and an active volcano (1995) Chances Peak. Economy: Formerly tourism. Severe volcanic eruption has devastated economy, most inhabitants relocated to other islands. Airports closed.

Puerto RicoGovernment: US Commonwealth. Size: 3,515 sq. mi. Capital: San Juan. Population: 3.945million. Language: Spanish, English. Religion: Catholic, Protestant, Santeria. Currency: US$. Economy: Pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, tourism

St. Kitts & Nevis - Size: 68 sq mi. 23x5 mi. Capital: Basseterre. Population: 38,736. Climate: average 79, 5 inches of rainfall annually. Environment: Known as the pearl of the British Caribbean; dormant 3,792-foot volcano Mount Liamuiga, extraordinary for hiking.

St. Lucia - Size: 27 x 14 miles, lies between St. Maarten and St. Vincent. Environment: Pitons on coastal peak at 2000ft. The Island has a mountainous interior and is mostly volcanic rock.

St. Maarten - Government: Dutch. Capital: Philipsburg. Language: Dutch. Environment: fine beaches. Culture: Gambling, many casinos. / Saint Martin - Government: French. Size: 37 sq mi. shared with Sint Maarten (see St. Maarten) French and Dutch. The island has 37 beaches. Capital: Marigot. Language: French

St. Vincent & Grenadines - Government: Independence in1979 from Great Britain. Capital: Kingstown. Size: 389 sq.mi. Population: 116,394. Climate: averaging 80. Environment: mountainous terrain peaking at 1,397 at Montagne Pelee, dormant volcano Soufriere remains a threat. Religion: Anglican, Methodist, Roman Catholic,Hindu

Trinidad & TobagoGovernment: Independence in 1962. Size: 5,128 sq.mi. Captial: Port-au-Spain. Population: 1,165,000 million. Language: English, Hindi, French, Spanish, Chinese. Religion: Roman Catholic, Hindu, Protestant. Economy: International investments; natural gas; stock market; some tourism

Turks and Caicos - Government: British dependent territory. Capital: Grand Turk. Size: 193 sq. mi. Currency: US dollar. Population: 17,000. Economy: Tourism, fishing, offshore finance related

US Virgin IslandsGovernment: United States. Size: 495 sq.mi. Capital: Tortola. Population: 111,000