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I had the pleasure of visiting Jamaica in July 2002. I was one of eight people - primarily women. We flew into Jamaica and stayed in "Mo Bay" (Montego Bay). The weather was absolutely beautiful - very humid. I was there for one week and it rained only one day. The nights were just perfect for strolls down the strip - not to hot and not to cold. Being a native American and being exposed to so much advertisement and commercialism, I had generated my own expectations of what Jamaica would be like. And I must admit, everything I saw on television and magazines, I did see there. The beaches are beautiful - I have never seen water so clear. The natives are physically beautiful and romance is truly in the air. But I received and saw much more than I ever expected.
Most advertisers fail to show that Jamaica is a third world country. Hot water is a luxury because most natives do not have hot water heaters in their homes. Many natives live without bathrooms in there homes - they use outhouses. It is a privilege to go to school because many parents cannot afford to send their children. During the time I was there, one American dollar ($1.00) is equal to forty-eight ($48.00) Jamaican dollars. Most Jamaicans live in very small houses - what most Californians would consider to be a studio apartment. You would think that most Jamaicans would be depressed and sad. But I have never met so many happy people in all my life. I attribute their happiness to their belief that material things are just that - material, it can be replaced. I am glad that I chose to spend my time with the natives and not on tours - I learned so much more.
Initially, I felt sorry for the Jamaicans because of the little they have. But when I returned to the states, I realized it was America I felt sorry for. We as a nation have so much but yet we are still so unhappy. I would recommend that anyone who can to visit Jamaica and see what I saw and experience what I experienced. I promise, you will not come back the same.

Just recently in June of this year I was Blessed to set eyes on Jamaica. I visited Runaway Bay in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. My roommate and I stayed at Club Ambiance All Inclusive. The resort was a 3 star resort full of love and life. It was a pleasure to mingle and talk with the local people who prepared our food. The place was clean and safe. Everyone would say to us, "you should have stayed in one of the nicer resorts". But, the single most important aspect of Club Ambiance was the staff. The staff was personable, kind, and loving. After a while the male staff felt like family to me. They spoiled me to death. The days were filled with activities, games, sun, people, music and scenery that was simply heavenly. The men were the charm ingest men I had every seen. And talkin about dancing, boy could they dance! I love to dance so one of my highlights was getting my groove on with a local Jamaican on the dance floor and cutting up the rug. I had a ball!

The drinks were fabulous and the sun, the sun baptized my skin each and every day. It evencaressed my breast during my topless moments. The Caribbean Sea kissed my skin all over and I simply melted into the vibe of Jamaica.
Everything was 'No Problem Mon'.

I look forward to returning next year 2003.

Corinthia Peoples

Jamaica was not the place we wanted to go for our honeymoon. But once we arrived at our hotel and saw how nice all the people were and how beautiful it was, we had no regrets.
We stayed in Negril, a quiet but lovely little tourist resort with beautiful trees and lovely white sand beaches.
Melanie, "I wanted to go the Mexico and Joshua wanted to go to the Hawaii. We couldn't decide so finally we agreed to go to the Caribbean. We both loved it."
Joshua, "We are definitely going back next year."
Joshua & Melanie
It was my girl friends who had invited me to Jamaica in 1999.
My first day there I thought to myself, the island is beautiful and the people seem friendly.
The next day we went walking in the town of Montego Bay, when I met a man whose name was Bigboy.
Never had I met a man like this guy. He was just so rough but sweet. He just walked up to me and asked me if I would marry him. Two nights later we were in bed.
Now I can't get enough of him, so these days I go down there every chance I get.
In 1999, my two younger brothers in Memphis asked me to go on a cruise to the Bahamas. I live in California and I must admit, I have never been anywhere outside the US let alone a cruise.
Well, I was very happy and pleased with the package I purchased, which included air, cruise and hotel. We were on a large ship that sailed from Miami and we stayed three nights in Freeport, Bahamas at the Bahamian Resort before returning to Miami.
Every day and night on the ship we mingled with the other guest. Each day and night in the Bahama resort,we partied with guys and gals (and there were so many sweet and pretty gals).
Clifton Johnson
While on vacation in Jamaica I stayed at the Jamaica Grande Hotel and I found it to be one of the must beautiful resorts I have ever vacationed. I would like to thank the management and staff for making my stay a pleasant and memorable one.
John Bellard

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